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    Compliance Solutions: NFPA 70E-2018 Edition

    NFPA 70E requires the development and enforcement of an Electrical Safe Work Practices (ESWP) policy. It also defines the requirements for safe work practices, and requires audits and revisions to keep the safety policy up-to-date. Compliance to NFPA 70E requirements can be achieved through a six-step process, providing safety and operability of facility power systems.

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    Switchgear “Virtual Main” Arc Flash Mitigation System

    Low-voltage switchgear and switchboards can be subjected to dangerous levels of arc flash incident energy when fed directly from a power transformer. Schneider Electric™ Services offers an arc flash mitigation solution to upgrade unit substation equipment with the addition of a virtual main system. This new concept reduces the arc flash energy on the entire low-voltage switchgear, including the main incoming section. Other solutions do not protect the entire lineup.

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    Engineered Solutions for Infrared Scanning Applications

    Reduce the need to remove panels or covers for visual and infrared inspection. Overheating is frequently an early indication of electrical equipment damage or break down. Infrared scanning can detect invisible hot spots in electrical systems, which can decrease the potential of unexpected downtime. Schneider Electric offers a variety of infrared windows and panel covers that are permanently installed into the electrical equipment. As a result, infrared inspections can be performed on energized equipment since the covers or panels are not removed during testing.

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