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Big data: It takes more than software to drive performance

The biggest energy management challenges revolve around data – there’s either too much, too little or it’s not all in one place. See how our team of remote experts collect and analyze data from all your sites and put it to work to optimize performance and maximize savings.

Remote energy managers: an extension of your team

  • Collaborate directly with sites to drive consistent performance portfolio-wide
  • Benchmark performance and track program savings with customized scorecards
  • Boost coordination and knowledge-sharing between sites
  • Enable strategic and timely investment decisions based on energy market trends

Visualize data to realize energy savings

Hear how La-Z-Boy uses enterprise-level data visualization to understand its energy use, solve operational problems, and drive savings to fund growth.
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Develop strategies for continuous efficiency

  • Achieve twin goals of energy savings and carbon reduction
  • Boost performance and productivity of teams
  • Provide advanced data analysis and local market intel to inform investment decisions
  • Embed efficiency as a business driver for profit and brand value

Sustainable and efficient: the converging paths to success

Hear from global industry leaders on how to converge efficiency and sustainability initiatives for better results.
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Grow your business with energy consulting

Visualize data

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Buy energy smarter

Drive sustainable growth

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Use energy efficiently