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Convert market data into market intelligence

Energy advisors from Schneider Electric go beyond simply collecting data. Our Global Research & Analytics team distills volumes of data to bring your stakeholders true energy market intelligence. Our real strength in global analytics is global operations.

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How changes in commodity markets affect your energy bills

With our Regulated Markets Update, explore recent changes to regulated cost components in 15 countries.

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PPA buyer’s guide to financial risk management

With this 2-part guide, learn to quantify 7 common PPA risks, and examine modeling and analytic strategies for successful PPA execution and performance.

Your unbiased experts in energy risk management

Breadth of knowledge
We monitor energy supply, energy efficiency and resource sustainability. Then, we distill the data to provide expert energy forecasts, research, and interval publications on energy topics that matter most to your business.
Depth of expertise
Understanding of global commodity markets is built on regional expertise and the collaboration between all our international offices. We supplement our opinions with actionable recommendations so you can act quickly.

We examine the past to see your future energy spend

Energy management consultants from Schneider Electric look at the past to help you buy energy smarter. We use a proprietary energy price forecasting model to study how primary factors will affect energy costs across your portfolio. As we build that intelligence into site-level energy budgets, we also create a single, enterprise-wide budget, a critical component for any corporate energy buyer.

Your utility bills analyzed

Utility Bill Auditing
Our team begins with a comprehensive review of your energy usage pattern, operational needs and available utility tariff rates to identify energy savings opportunities. Then, we recommend the most advantageous rate structure based on your business needs. We continuously look for ways to control your cost by monitoring utility rate changes and any related impacts for your organization.

Resource Cost Review and Optimization
Our rate experts have found substantial errors and returns for our clients by simply challenging the assumptions made by their supplier. This ground-up check of both commodity and non-commodity resource costs identifies overcharges. It also uncovers opportunities to reconfigure site-specific resources to best meet your energy procurement needs.

Achieve more energy and sustainability success

Visualize data

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Use energy efficiently

Drive sustainable growth

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Buy energy smarter