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    StruxureWare for Data Centers

  • Leveraging software for an optimized data center

    The continued emergence of DCIM software is changing how top companies operate and manage their data center. Joel Stone, VP of CenturyLink, explains the many benefits of implementing a DCIM solution.

  • Sky picks Keysource and Schneider Electric to manage the UK Data Centers Infrastructure

    Sky has rolled out a new DCIM solution across its UK data center estate, chosen to deliver a range of operational, performance, cost and efficiency benefits across Sky’s business.

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  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center picks StruxureWare for Data Centers

    Technology is ever-changing, fast-paced and complex. How can any organization keep up? The answer lies in flexible, adaptable, and agile data center management software.

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  • Busan Bank in Korea achieves a highly optimized and energy-efficient data center

    Busan Bank has found StruxureWare for Data Centers software an innovative solution to help balance operational business costs with the requirements of maintaining data center availability.

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    Data Centers
  • Addressing the Energy Challenge in GLOBAL-<br>FOUNDRIES’ Data Center

    Growing business demands meant that the data center environment became increasingly complex with expanded capabilities, converged systems and a significant increase in energy utilization.

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  • Bangkok Insurance deploys data center management solution

    The insurance industry is highly competitive in terms of products and types of new services, and the data is a key factor in order to succeed in becoming a leader in the industry.

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    Data Centers
  • Mercy Health: Beyond the Digital Hospital

    Mercy Health is a cutting-edge health care organization that has partnered with Schneider Electric for all of their data center needs over the past six years. Schneider Electric's Business-Wise, Future-Driven data center, has allowed Mercy to shift their business model from a hospital supported by a data center, to a data center system supporting hospitals.

  • Microsoft Technology Center: A State-of-the-Art Data Center with Schneider Electric

    When the Microsoft Technology Center decided to install a new data center in their state of the art education and innovation facility in Paris, they turned to Schneider Electric to provide the most energy efficient and highly available data center solutions on the market, all backed by the world class support