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    Smart Food Safety

    Facilitate food safety compliance and traceability to preserve your brand equity and shareholder value.

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Food Defense

Protect your facilities from unauthorized access.

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Solution and Benefits

We protect your plants and facilities from unauthorized access or action with our building security offers, integrating access control, video surveillance, and cybersecurity consulting.

> Increased site security against food adulteration and bioterrorism 

> Compliance with the latest regulation and standards of the industry (e.g. Food Safety Modernization Act, ISO50001, and other.) 

> Reduced downtime and optimized maintenance


Track your entire operation to reduce company exposure in the event of quality issues.

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Solution and Benefits

We automatically document evidence of food safety compliance and record every piece of information to facilitate communication with regulatory authorities and reduce exposure in the event of product withdrawals or recall procedures.

> Easy identification of Critical Control Point and hazards 

> Simple to use dashboards for performance display 

> Smart storage and access of tamperproof electronic records at anytime for any purpose (audit trail, recall, …), on premise or in the cloud

Solution and Benefits

Our systems help ensure that the applied labels correspond to the actual content of each product, and uniquely identify each product in order to track and trace them from end to end across the whole value chain.

> Improved anti-counterfeiting and food fraud prevention solutions 

> Transparent Supply Chain and end-to-end traceability 

> Support to government regulations and standard 

> Easy and quicker product recall 

> Increased Brand Protection and Consumer experience

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Regulation Compliance

Implement systems that natively support compliance with food safety regulations.

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Solution and Benefits

We ease the implementation of systems that support stringent regulation and standard compliance such as tamper-proof documentation, critical parameters recording, critical control points management, devices calibration, equipment design and maintenance.

> Compliance with the latest regulation and requirements of the industry

> Coverage of critical control points of the plant

> Solutions adapted to evolving regulations

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