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Sustainable industries of the future

Driving sustainability at the source in Mining, Minerals and Metals.

Integrated Operations Management

Integrated digital operations drive profit, efficiency and sustainability across mining through the holistic insight of operations, from design to maintenance.

Awards and recognitions

IDC Worldwide Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems

International distribution center (IDC) recognizes Schneider Electric as a leader in Worldwide Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems.

Explore our customer stories for Mining, Minerals and Metals

Explore the latest insights on IoT in Mining, Minerals and Metals

Move to sustainable Mining, Minerals and Metals with the Industries of the Future

Check how the Industries of the Future will enable you to contribute to the progress and meet demands using fewer raw materials and precious resources.

Integrated Operations Center demo

Gain a full holistic visibility into your control, operations and maintenance activity, for enhanced and agile decision-making. Integrated operation delivers simplicity and unleashes powerful collaboration potential.

A new age for the Minerals and Metals industry

Digital and automation technologies to meet increasing demand while achieving sustainability goals.

EcoStruxure for Mining

EcoStruxure for Mining enables digitally integrated mining value chain.

EcoStruxure for Metals

EcoStruxure for Metals builds collaborative digital environments integrating process automation and analytics, electrification and microgrids to ensure social license to operate.

Digitally integrated steel

Integrated Autonomous Cranes automate and integrate crane operations into the supply chain and ERP software so steel producers can gain up to 30% improvement in productivity and maintenance cost reduction.

Make the energy supply transition with microgrids

With Schneider Electric’s microgrid solution, you can digitize the energy infrastructure connecting plant control and demand management.

Take a virtual tour of e-House

Digitally connected, pre-fabricated, and optimized power distribution is one of today's ways to achieve energy savings, from design to commissioning.

Maximize business resiliency with service partnerships

From energy and sustainability consulting to optimizing the lifecycle of your operations with field and digital services, you can minimize downtime, improve safety and maximize efficiency in operations.

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1. How can mining be made more sustainable?

Mining operations need to be conducted in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way for reducing their impact on the environment. To achieve this, mining solutions inclusive of digitization, mining industry software solutions, mining IoT solutions, and much more need to be worked out.

2. What is mine digitization?

Mine digitization refers to the use of digital or computerized systems or devices, mining industry software solutions, and digitized data for reducing costs of improving business productivity and transforming mining practices. The benefits of mine digitization include:

a) Creating smart mines and minimizing operational costs

b) Monitoring operational assets efficiently

c) Leveraging mining industry software solutions

d) Effective water management

e) Automation of operations or incorporating mining IoT solutions

f) Keeping the workforce safe

g) Ensuring data security

h) Monitoring operational assets

3. How digital innovation can improve mining productivity?

Digital innovation and IoT-enabled mining solutions can significantly improve mining productivity. Schneider Electric offers best-in-class mining solutions, metals solutions, minerals solutions, and cement solutions based on EcoStruxture, a new generation of process automation systems. EcoStruxure for mining solutions is our IoT-enabled architecture that is designed to leverage digital transformation. It includes apps, analytics, services, edge control with IoT networks, and connected products.

Similarly, EcoStruxture for the metal industry is a robust architecture to leverage digital transformation in the metals industry and is inclusive of software for metals, connected products, and much more. Our unmatched portfolio of mining software and hardware, interoperability of mining and metal solutions, metals industry software, accessibility to data via the cloud or on-premises makes our mining solutions unique and robust.

Such IoT-enabled mining solutions can significantly improve mining productivity as they leverage:

a) Data, computational power, and connectivity

With mine digitization, embedding a multitude of sensors in the physical objects, using mining industry software or architecture, and churning out a huge volume of data for analyzing and facilitating communication among machines has become increasingly accessible. In addition, smart grids also report power usage.

b) Mining IoT Solutions: Analytics and intelligence

From advancements in analytics to machine learning, better techniques for integrating data help turn datasets into insights about future events’ profitability.