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  • Oilfield Worker checks gauge, oil and gas

    Onshore Oil Field Operations

    Digitization brings lots of data, while analytics converts it into actionable information. By optimizing resource utilization, we increase production efficiency by up to 5% while also maximizing recovery.

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    Gathering Line

    Schneider Electric addresses the challenges of end users and the Process OEM market, understanding operations in remote locations, scalability, and enhanced oil recovery.

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    Key Benefits

    Gathering systems evolve with the ‘life of field” to scale up or down as wells are drilled and completed. Schneider Electric solutions address the complexity of operations in remote locations with solutions that are scalable and enhance oil recovery.

    > Multiphase measurement for reduced cost, equipment and foot print
    > Optimized flow assurance while eliminating common causes of over-reading
    > Well testing optimization with automated capabilities from satellite facilities
    > Improved uptime and maximized production through facility performance optimization
    > A common interface for field planning, operations support and real-time asset management

    Separation and Processing Plant

    We provide best-in-class products, including automation, instrumentation and electrical distribution, for Process OEMs and SI's. Our solutions take into account pressure control, process control, level temperature and pressures, reduction/elimination of flaring, and safety.

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    Key Benefits

    > Seamless integration of Field Process and SCADA System for wide-area SCADA transparency. 

    > Skid deployable through Process OEMs that facilitate  standardization
    > Integrated control and flow measurement reduces complexity

    Crude Oil Center Storage Management Solution

    Schneider Electric delivers liquid hydrocarbon measurement solutions for truck and rail terminal transaction management. Our solutions allow for optimized terminal performance, mitigated regulatory risks, and increased asset returns. We meet customer needs for measurement and metering, real-time connectivity, and the security and safety of people and product.

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    Key Benefits

    The resilient features of our comprehensive storage systems streamline daily operations while minimizing threats to operational integrity.

    > Single software platform for all hydrocarbon liquids
    > Paperless ticket management

    > Real-time inventory data
    > Improved regulatory compliance

    > Enforces safe work practice
    > Certificate management
    > Site access authentication
    > Accurate transaction valuation

    Highlighted Offer: TerminalBoss™

    TerminalBOSS is a Terminal Automation and Measurement solution that provides transaction management and measurement systems at upstream truck and rail terminals. It allows terminal owners to operate unsupervised terminals while maintaining tight control over user access, safety, and measurement.

    > Flexible and repeatable architecture with both off-the-shelf reference designs and ETO to meet unique customer and regulatory requirements.
    > Interface ready with plant control & DCS or with 3rd party instrumentation
    > Broad liquids expertise including natural gas liquid, propane, butane, crude, crude emulsions and optional truck weigh scale support
    > Ability to integrate data with corporate applications including Cobra, Entero, FieldVue, PVR, PI, Avocet, and SAP

    Produced Water Treatment

    We provide best-in-class products to Water Treatment Process OEMs. We understand the need for continuous process control, level temperature, and pressures and flows. And we address the challenges of energy management, and environmental safety and reporting in diverse environments.

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    Key Benefits

    > Increased treatment and pumping efficiency with Integrated Process Instrumentation and Motor Control
    > Optimal energy Management with Integrated Power and Process
    > Demand Monitoring and control optimization with Power Factor, Harmonics, Power Quality

    > Software solutions (with mobile accessibility) automate and enhance monitoring and reporting to increase asset utilization and reduce operating cost
    > Better Access Security with both perimeter and plant surveillance systems

    Process Automation Solution

    Process automation solutions need technologies developed for safety and reliability, to handle a variety of applications, and have the right life cycle support to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

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    We offer a future-proof approach to ensure technology won’t become obsolete through a unique combination of best-in-class technologies, expertise, services and support.

    This spans the automation paradigm, from remote SCADA and telemetry, through PLC/PAC, to full process automation systems.

    Key Benefits

    > Ensure production and protect assets through highly reliable automation solutions
    > Maintain operations through faster problem identification, and remediation through role-based systems

    > Achieve lowest total cost of ownership through our future-proof philosophy and development
    > Enable the enterprise to connect to the process automation system for full business control

    Process Safety

    You need a proven process safety solution that can help manage risk, avoid unscheduled downtime, and maximize process uptime. The safety system must have the capability to provide a wide variety of critical applications, including ESD, F&G, etc.

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    • EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS

      Learn how EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS helps consistently deliver measurable operation profitability improvement safely, enabling 100% ROI in less than a year.

    Highlighted Offer: EcoStruxure Tricon CX

    Tricon CX is the newest SIS controller that leverages the best of the proven Tricon and Trident Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) systems. Tricon CX provides continuous operation, superior plant uptime and high productivity in a compact unit.

    > Learn More

    > Built-in high integrity and availability 
    > Fault-tolerant operation 
    > High-capacity handling — in excess of 1 million I/O points 
    > Fast scan times (from 10 milliseconds) 
    > Advanced input/output monitoring and control capabilities 
    > Easy diagnostics for status and fault analysis


    Our priority is to protect human life and assets while meeting and exceeding production targets through maximum process uptime.

    We provide reliable and secure operations that comply with environmental and regulatory standards.

    Key Benefits

    > Systems designed for use in emergency safety shutdown, or other critical applications requiring Safety Integrity Level 1, 2 or 3
    > High Availability: Patented fault-tolerant Triple-Modular-Redundant (TMR) controller can operate with up to three Main Processors ensuring uninterrupted control

    > Low Maintenance Costs: Software tools with extensive built-in diagnostics automatically pinpoint faults to field replaceable modules

    Measurement and Instrumentation

    Our field device offerings are chosen for demanding oil and gas applications that require high-performance measurements for pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical and valve positioners.

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    Our field devices are an important choice for oil and gas producers who want competitive advantages, lowered operating costs, and higher profits.

    We provide unique measurement solutions that make major differences in critical oilfield applications.

    Key Benefits and Differentiation:

    > Measureable real-time results and optimized well production
    > Low-cost deployment and operation and unmatched asset lifetimes

    > Compatibility with existing instrumentation and outstanding ease of use
    > Longest warranties and lowest cost of ownership and fully integrated power

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