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    EcoStruxure™ Pipeline Management

    Remove project risk and ensure on-time and on-budget execution

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    New, unmatched engineering and industrial software offer

    Schneider Electric and AVEVA combine to bring you the industry-leading portfolio of engineering and industrial software.

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    Secure Power

    Our focus is to ensure absolute safety and continuity for your business. The quality and availability of electrical power is crucial for many critical applications. In sensitive industrial sectors such as oil and gas, lack of electrical power can create serious danger in process security, put human life at risk, and cause downtimes.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Our uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are designed to deliver secure power in the most demanding industrial environments. Our extensive experience in various sectors enables us to develop customized UPSs with superior quality standards, coupled with a full range of services.

    > Pre-sales support, for customized solutions.
    > Full project management, from design to commissioning maintenance and training.
    > Reliability, adaptability, availability, quality and performance.
    > Experience and expertise through full system solutions.
    > Consulting and long-term service approach, and in-house research and development.
    > Output capacity of more than 2,500 systems per year.

    Electrical distribution for stations and terminals

    Safe and reliable power distribution is critical in oil and gas operations, from onshore/offshore production to petrochemical plants. Without it, operators could see production come to a halt, personnel safety compromised, and profits significantly reduced.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    The Electrical House (E-House) integrates power and control equipment into a compact module, incorporating switchgear, motor control centers and variable speed drives, among other components. This leads to complete, intelligent building management and control solutions.

    > Up to 50% space savings. 

    > Up to 30% energy savings. 

    > Compliance with market standards and experienced and certified engineering teams. 

    > A worldwide presence.

    Field Services

    Optimizing capital expenses, minimizing downtime, and reducing maintenance costs — these are common needs of every oil and gas installation. And in such an energy-intensive industry, energy management only grows in importance with each passing year.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    From electrical and process FEED consultancy, FAT and on-site start-up and commissioning, to service plans, training and maintenance, installation assessment and modernization solutions – our field services support you throughout the asset management lifecycle.

    > Expertise in process and electrical distribution minimizes cost.
    > Reliability and safety through engineering, project management, etc.
    > High system availability, and budget control with complete service plans.
    > Maximized safety and security through consultancy.
    > Long-term operating efficiency with modernization solutions
    > Original manufacturer, design and quality.
    > Guarantee of availability - 24/7 delivery of spare parts.
    > Key contributor to customers’ satisfaction with Field Service Engineers that can provide the most relevant information

    Field Devices for Measurement & Instrumentation

    Foxboro Field Devices offerings are chosen for the most demanding oil and gas applications that require pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical, and valve positioner high-performance measurements.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    Foxboro Field Devices are an important choice for oil and gas businesses that want competitive advantages, lowered operating costs, and higher profits. We provide unique measurement solutions that make major differences in critical field applications.

    > Measurable real-time results
    > Actionable information
    > Optimized well production
    > Operational excellence
    > Low-cost deployment and lower cost of operation
    > Easy to install and use
    > Unmatched asset lifetimes
    > Best-in-class performance
    > Superior savings and value
    > Compatibility with existing instrumentation
    > Outstanding ease of use
    > Longest warranties
    > Lowest cost of ownership