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    Refined Products Storage & Distribution

    The ITAS (Integrated Terminal Automation System) provides users superior lifting controls, inventory management and advanced reporting capabilities. With the ITAS, you can optimize inventory and demand, ensure safety and security, and empower stakeholders.

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    Terminal Solutions for Refined Products Storage & Distribution

    ITAS (Integrated Terminal Automation System) is an integrated terminal management solution engineered to specific needs of terminal operations. The ITAS works on Wonderware platform and can be optionally integrated with FoxboroEvo DCS and Triconex. It’s a scalable and modular solution with Web-based UI. The solution offers multiple device interfaces in a single platform and is designed for multi-terminal operations. ITAS is proven for truck and rail car loading.

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    Complete safety and control of a terminal through a single, integrated platform offering inventory management and movement automation. Additional modules for planning, scheduling and operational efficiency, reducing the risk of contamination, reprocessing and demurrage.

    Mass balance reconciliation and inventory information enable more accurate yield accounting and stock loss control. Results are lower cost of tank farm operations, higher asset utilization, more accurate inventory accounting, improved cash flow management and increased customer satisfaction.


    The standard software approach offers rapid deployment, functional extensibility and long-term sustainability at the lowest cost of ownership.

    Open industry standards allow integration with existing plant and business systems, maintaining and even improving the return on investment in existing assets and systems.

    Discover more innovative solutions for all areas of the Oil and Gas supply chain.

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