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    Comprehensive range of digital protection relays.

    Protective Relays

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Maximize energy availability and the profits generated by your installation while protecting life and property.
  • Solutions

    The MiCOM range of relays
    Offers scalable levels of functionality and hardware options to best suit your protection requirements, and allows you to choose the most cost effective solution for your application. The MiCOM protection relay range provides the capability for a wide variety of protection, control, measurement, monitoring and communication. The versatile hardware and common relay management software (MiCOM S1 studio) allows a simple configuration and installation in different applications. A standard and simple user interface across the entire range makes MiCOM ideal in any environment, from the more complex bay level control with mimic, to the most simple LCD display with menu interrogation.
  • Value Proposition

    Keep informed to manage better
    Every MiCOM relay provides you with intuitive access to all system information in your own language so that you can manage your electrical installation effectively. If a problem occurs, clear and complete information puts you in a position to make the right decisions immediately. The electrical supply is restored without delay.

    Maintain installation availability
    MiCOM relays maintain high energy availability thanks to their diagnostics function that continuously monitors the network status. In-depth analysis capabilities and high reliability ensure that the equipment is de-energized only when absolutely necessary. Risks are minimized and servicing time reduced by programming maintenance operations.
  • Differentiation

    100% available energy
    Your electrical equipment is under control. With MiCOM protection relays, you get maximum energy availability for your process.


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    MiCOM protection relays were launched in 1999 using best-in-class protection techniques now combined with latest technology to position MiCOM as a highly dependable range of device. At Schneider Electric, these protection techniques are fine tuned to give you the best possible protection for your assets. We also engineer quality into every device in line with best in class standards to match our protection performance. Our latest range of devices are better than they have ever been.
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    Our comprehensive self monitoring provides peace of mind that errors are detected to ensure high reliability for your plant and assets. Schneider Electric’s cyber security solution encompasses the entire substation, many elements are now available.
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    Local and remote communication is provided and designed for use with the MiCOM S1 Studio software. Rear communication port(s) are intended for remote communication to SCADA or engineering access. When an Ethernet card is installed in series 30 or 40 devices, IEC 61850 communication is available for the latest in high speed communication and GOOSE messaging. Various network architectures are supported including Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) on series 40. All port types, quantities and protocols vary by product.
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    Setting is achieved with the MiCOM S1 Studio support package. The intuitive support software is all you need for the management of your entire MiCOM installed base, which manages all setting files with its unique substation file management facility. The in-built datamodel manager also ensures that you always have the latest support files installed on your computer for all of your devices. Multiple independent setting groups are supported in most MiCOM relays, they can be activated locally, remotely or via a dedicated input condition, to allow for different system operating conditions or adaptive relaying.