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    Transformation through collaboration

    Consulting Services

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Populations are growing as people move to cities Budgetary constraints are resulting from global financial downturns Regulatory pressures are tightening Citizen expectations are rising to create the conditions for prosperity and livability

Value Proposition

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    Cities are not "one size fits all"

    A unique, collaborative, and transformative advisory method. Aligning key stakeholders to provide a detailed cost and benefit plan for the future.


  • Blue collaboration icon Collaborative Transformation sessions get stakeholders aligned around outcomes that matter
  • Blue Graph up icon Planning for multiple future horizons
  • Blue Education icon Whole-systems thinking drives planning and design
  • Blue interactive icon Smart infrastructure master plans enable integration and streamlining
  • Blue handshake icon Best-in-class partners enable a comprehensive solution
  • Blue time icon Program management keeps everything, and everyone, on track