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    Smart integration solutions and services for cities

    City-wide Management

  • Carson City, Nevada USA

    In order to achieve its goals, the people of the Carson City Public Works Department created an infrastructure revolving around the capabilities of its people and the best available smart city technology from Schneider Electric.

  • Boston, Massachusetts USA

    In support of the Greenovate Boston initiative, the city plans to reduce energy consumption 80 percent by 2050 through efficiencies and behavioral change as well as provide visibility to city-wide energy consumption.

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    Data Centers
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    Operational expertise must be combined with real-time information management to improve efficiency of urban systems. Integration is an essential step to ‘smart’.
    Aerial view of the University of Chicago, smart building.

    Our City-wide Management Solutions

    Value Proposition

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      We deliver smart integration, today.

      Integration of operations and information further optimizes overall city efficiency. Creating connections between systems provides the tools needed so cities can improve efficiency.