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    Give your buildings a voice.

    Building Insights for Centralized Buildings Management

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Managing multiple sites efficiently is challenging. Control and visibility are compromised as your enterprise grows.  Owners and operators of small buildings need smart solutions to increase visibility, optimize operations and reduce costs, while maintaining occupant comfort and driving revenue.  You need a solution that empowers you – and your buildings – to perform at a higher level.

Multi-site Management From Any Device in Real Time

Multi-site Management From Any Device in Real Time
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    Efficient, cloud-based management for your enterprise of small buildings. Building Insights solution brings your buildings to life and enables two-way communication – keeping you informed of what’s happening with your heating, cooling and lighting systems, plus communicating power consumption and critical operational details. Onsite or not, you'll have total control.
  • Value Proposition

    With Building Insights solution, you're empowered to operate at a higher level.
    • Make smarter decisions. Simple and intuitive insights to drive better decisions for you and your business.
    • Be a step ahead.  Enhanced visibility and control of your environment, building operations and energy usage - anytime, from anywhere.
    • Achieve more. Save time and money through increased operational efficiency and up to 30% energy savings.
  • Differentiation

    • Open architecture with the ability to monitor and control any connected equipment including HVAC, lighting, sensors and meters.
    • Enhanced reliability and flexibility through seamless integration using open protocols and standards
    • Secure scalability with safe and private storage of user, project and site data through HTTPS encryption, guaranteed secure connection, and direct LAN or segregated connections.
    • Backed by the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric.
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Smart Facility Management for Any Size Building

Cost effective facility management for any size building is possible and affordable. Schneider Electric's building solution and applications offer:
  • Open network protocols for flexibility and scalability
  • Wired or wireless connectivity to suit any architectural need
  • Centralization and remote accessibility to connected equipment across one site or multiple sites
  • Integration with lighting, sensors and meters to provide additional building control and energy management opportunities.
  • Applications for building performance analytics and energy management
  • Applications that support the unique needs of various building types including Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and Retail
  • For more information on small to mid-size building offerings, documentation and product previews, click here


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    • Monitor and control multiple sites from your computer, smartphone or tablet
    • Address security, maintenance and operational needs, even when you're away
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    • Gain actionable insights into what is driving cost across your enterprise.
    • Reveal opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and energy savings
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    • Make more informed decisions, ensuring maximum performance and ROI
    • Enjoy up to 30% energy savings, plus savings from reduced downtime, labor and materials