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    Selective Coordination Solutions

    Selective Coordination Solutions

    Combining innovative engineering with validated test results.

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Certain electrical power system designs need to ensure the selection and setting of protective devices cause the smallest possible portion of the system to be de-energized due to an abnormal condition.

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    In a selectively coordinated system, only the circuit breaker that directly supplies the overloaded/faulted part of the system will trip, limiting the service interruption to only the circuit experiencing the problem and not shutting down the larger portion of the power system.

  • Value Proposition

    Square D solutions provide peace of mind when power availability is critical by delivering high levels of selective coordination in flexible designs that are easily configured for a variety of applications, and are tested to be selectively coordinated.

  • Differentiation

    Use the Square D Mission Critical circuit breakers to achieve best-in-class coordination levels, allowing total selective coordination down to 0.01 with continuity of service.

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Selective coordination is mandatory per the NEC for the circuit paths of vital loads on specific systems, including:
• Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts, and Stairway Chairlifts
• Emergency Systems:
• Legally Required Standby Systems:
• Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS):


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    Wide range of ampacities and configurations to meet the unique needs of specific power systems
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    Tested and certified to be selectively coordinated up to 30kA when using PowerPact™ Mission Critical main breakers.
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    Conducting a comprehensive short-circuit current study and an overcurrent coordination study of the electrical power system is the only true method of achieving selective coordination and equipment protection.