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    Awareness and actions against counterfeits

    Get detailed information on counterfeiting and steps you can take to better recognize counterfeit products.

Reward Program Terms and Conditions

Notice - This Reward Program is only available to citizens of the United States of America (USA). Proof of USA citizenship will be required. Schneider Electric employees and their families are not eligible for this Program.

Rewards are paid where the information you provide leads directly to a successful enforcement action. A successful enforcement action is defined as follows:

  • The seizure of counterfeit Schneider Electric products by a statutory body, such as the FBI, Police, U.S. Customs or other authorized US or foreign government agency.
  • The successful civil prosecution by Schneider Electric to force the seizure and cessation of sale of counterfeit Schneider Electric products.
  • The prosecution and conviction of any persons or entities selling, distributing or manufacturing counterfeit Schneider Electric products.

Reward Schedule

For a person or entity engaged in the production & sale of completed, counterfeit Schneider Electric product US $5,000
For a distributor or re-seller engaged in the sale of counterfeit Schneider Electric products US $4,000
For a person or entity engaged in the printing of counterfeit Schneider Electric packaging and labels US $3,000
For a warehouse, storage facility or safe house containing counterfeit Schneider Electric products, labels and packaging US $3,000

In addition to the rewards payable for successful enforcement actions, in the event of a successful civil prosecution or a monetary restitution to Schneider Electric in connection with a criminal prosecution, you may be eligible, as determined by Schneider Electric in its sole and absolute discretion, to a bounty in accordance with the following terms:

For an amount actually recovered by Schneider Electric A bounty up to
Up to $100,000 $10,000
$100,001 to $500,000 $50,000
$500,001 and above $100,000

In cases where we require further assistance from you to verify the information you provide and to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful enforcement action, additional rewards may be paid depending upon the circumstances.

Schneider Electric reserves the right to amend this Reward Program and its Terms & Conditions, as well as, the overall Terms & Conditions for the Report & Reward Program at any time and without prior notification.