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    This website is intended to provide you with additional information on counterfeiting and steps that can be taken to better recognize counterfeit products.

Counterfeiting Characteristics - QO Circuit Breakers

Characteristics are for QO & QOB 1-pole, 2-pole & 3-pole breakers under 80 amps and QO tandem breakers.

Note: Lack of the following characteristics does not guarantee authenticity of the breaker. To avoid counterfeits, only buy Square D products from an authorized Square D distributor or retailer.
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    Some counterfeit labels do not indicate country of origin.
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    Many counterfeit breakers have a bright silver rail clip.
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    Some counterfeit breakers have printed logos or logos that appear to be etched. Some counterfeit breakers may be missing the logo.
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    Ampere ratings molded into the handles of new (post 1999) breakers indicate the product is counterfeit.

Security features for QO Breakers

On the UL manifest label on genuine QO breakers* manufactured beginning January 1, 2009**, the following features can be seen under 10x magnification.  The text for “ISSUE NO” shows:

  1. The two “S” characters in “ISSUE” are connected as shown below.
  2. The middle leg of the letter “E” in “ISSUE” is elongated as shown below.
  3. A five-point star appears after the letter “O” in “NO” as shown below.

* Breakers included are QO & QOB 1-pole, 2-pole & 3-pole breakers under 80 amps and QO tandem breakers.

** The 2nd character of the 2-character date code that is stamped in red on the UL manifest label is “U” for 2009 & “V” for 2010.