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    Our people

    Great people make Schneider Electric a great company.

  • Melanie Schleeweis-Connor, EcoBuilding Strategic Marketing, USA So you think a strategic marketer can’t beat your core strength?
  • Ricardo Maysen Elizondo, Project Manager, Mexico So you think a punctual project manager can't get a late-game win?
  • Julie Glad, Master Tech — Production Support, France So you think a master welder can't spark her own adventures?
  • Michael Clay, Marketing Strategic Intelligence, Australia So you think a strategic marketer can’t throw a wild snap-kick?
  • Joao Aristides Bottura Filho, Director of Wiring Devices Cluster, Brazil So you think a wiring expert can't handle vintage steel?
  • Andrew Xu, Software Business Director, China So you think a software salesman can’t land a hard-hitting cross?
  • Reinhard Roya, Payroll Manager, Indonesia So you think a payroll manager can't move more than numbers?
  • Lim Soo Chee, Senior Sales Consultant Engineer, Singapore So you think a busy sales consultant can’t find her moment of Zen?
  • Natalia Deyanova, Customer Satisfaction & Quality VP, Russia So you think a customer satisfaction VP can’t satisfy her need for speed?
  • Osrick Hendricks, Product Application Engineer, South Africa So you think an applications engineer can't be a game-changer on the pitch?
  • Fadi Halawi, Project Manager, UAE So you think a hard-lined project manager can't bend these strings?
  • Brenda, USA Electronic Standardization Engineer

    So you think an engineer can’t lead charity baking? You’re On.

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  • Sharon, Australia Marketing Strategic Intelligence

    So you think a communications specialist can’t connect without words? You’re On.

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  • Yao, China Customer Experience IT Manager

    So you think a technology modernist expert can't be a music traditionalist? You’re On.

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  • Fatima, UAE Strategic Account Manager

    So you think a determined account manager can't determine the perfect pattern? You’re On.

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  • Alexandr, Russia Head of Retrofit Product Design

    So you think a head product designer can't headline on Friday night? You’re On.

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  • Erik, Indonesia MTM & Ergonomic Engineer

    So you think an all-business engineer can’t make you laugh till it hurts? You’re On.

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  • Michel, France Energy and Partner Systems Architect

    So you think a structured system architect can't conquer unpredictable terrain? You’re On.

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  • Nithya, India Finance Executive

    So you think a finance executive can't earn audience attention? You’re On.

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  • Philippa, UK Delivery Resource Coordinator

    So you think a field coordinator can’t field fresh daisies? You’re On.

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  • Yu Siang, Singapore Company Programme Deployment Specialist

    So you think a sustainability engineer can’t colour outside the lines? You’re On.

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