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    A Connected Home is a Smart Home

    In our Homes

    By 2020, more than 50 billion devices worldwide will be connected with each other.

    This revolutionary level of interaction is changing the way we experience and manage the environments in which we live.

    Bringing Living Spaces to Life - The era of the connected home

    Everyone wants their homes to be reliable and safe. That's why we provide homeowners with intuitive, adaptive and ingenious technologies thamake the environments where they live more comfortable and secure.

    Safe, Reliable Living - Keeping families secure

    Our industrial expertise has allowed us to develop a portfolio of products and services that go beyond the industry standard in quality, safety, and compatibility, all in the service of keeping families across the world comfortable and safe.

    The Connected Home - Making homes more intuitive

    Whether we're helping homeowners directly or collaborating with our partner, we offer efficient and scalable solutions that offer the freedom of total management of homes and buildings.

    The Stylish Home - Creating beautiful spaces

    Practical, sophisticated, personalized and versatile, our products don't just make homes more aesthetically pleasing, they offer comfort and peace of mind.

    Partnerships - Electricians: our partners

    Electricians are the most integral part of making homes smarter. That's why we make it easy for our partners to purchase and install our products so that they can enhance the lives of their customers

    The Story of Sustainability - Green value in our solutions

    We are leading global efforts to make home energy more sustainable. Our Green Premium program is proof. It's an eco-mark that denotes our products and services as compliant with international standards and regulations.
    • Stylish Savings for Condos 16th District Paris, France

      In the heart of the very chic 16th district of Paris, the renowned designer Laurent Galle wanted to outfit a luxury condominium with a home automation system. More and more, the occupants of this type of home are demanding smart features like automatic and scene-setting control of lighting, curtains, heating and air-conditioning, speakers, and blinds. To meet this demand, electrician Dominique Pin chose Schneider Electric’s KNX solution primarily for the reliability of the modules but also because of the relationship of trust and the support he had already enjoyed in the past, particularly upon receiving his KNX certification from a Schneider Electric center. Certification is almost systematically required by contractors: it is a guarantee of the know-how essential for winning contracts.

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      • Extreme Weather is no Match Texas, USA

        The day after Steve Claybon installed an APC Back-UPS unit in his Texas home, a major thunderstorm system came through the area with driving rain, hail the size of baseballs, and high winds. The thunderstorms were so severe that they spawned at least three tornados within a few miles of where he lived. Power was unreliable. Despite numerous and extended outages, Steve was able to continue surfing the Internet thanks to his Back-UPS. Even better, he was able to pull up the local radar on his computer and see where the thunderstorms and tornados were heading.

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      • Stylish Source of Inspiration Jura Region, France

        In the heart of the Jura region, the owners of a contemporary designer home called in a professional with a passion for design to create their electrical installation. Electrician Philippe Delavenne introduced them to new interior design objects: Schneider Electric’s Unica range. As the Master Builder for most of his projects, Delavenne gives his clients advice on their interior design on a regular basis. Schneider Electric’s Unica range is now one of his selling points for design.

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      • Preventing a Meltdown Pennsylvania, USA

        After a mysterious power surge in his home, Budd Koffler struggled to reconnect his electronic devices, namely his home theater equipment. Luckily, it was plugged into APC SurgeArrest power protectors. A burnt odor that Budd had been smelling was coming from his SurgeArrest — it had sacrificed itself and protected electronics costing approximately $2,500 combined. In all, the SurgeArrests saved two computers, the LCD HDTV, three DVD players, VCR, HD receiver/DVR, CRT TV, and a PA system in the garage.

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      • Storm Protection at Home St. Louis, USA

        Steve Oleson from St. Louis, Missouri likes to be prepared. After a near miss from the devastating EF5 tornado that struck Joplin Missouri in 2011, Steve was determined to find a way to stay connected during a power outage. “My media centers were already protected from power surges and outages with an APC Back-UPS, but to ensure availability during power loss, I decided to connect my modem and wireless router as well,” says Steve. This strategy proved worthwhile during an intense windstorm where he lost power. His APC Back-UPS 500 enabled him to stay connected to the Internet for more than four hours. Because his network was protected, he was able to report the outage to the utility company online.

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        Uprooted Tree From Severe Storm