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Why does a unit display an error of unable to communicate using Power Suite with a ATV28 drive?

Published date: 04 September 2020

Communication error using Power Suite with an ATV28.
Product Line:   
Communication using Powersuite
** Note: The ATV28 and Powersuite is obsolete and no longer available. Powersuite is no longer supported **
Verify in Power Suite software port is configured for the correct baud rate, and the correct port is selected, and the requested port is not in use (eg. PDA Software)

Verify correct cable and adapter is used. (VWxxxxxx) VW3A8104 is the part number for the software only.

NOTE: This software will work with other products as well. It does not include the cables for connection to the drive. The cable kit part number is VW3A8106.

Verify wiring to the drive ModBus port. On drives manufactured before 9/2001 the pin outs are:
D(B)=3, D(A)=5, 0V=2.

On units manufactured after 9/2001:
D(B)=4, D(A)=5, 0V=8.


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