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EEM: Users Denied Access to Saved Trends and cannot Save New Trends

Published date: 01 October 2020

Users Denied Access to Saved Trends and cannot Save New Trends

EEM 4.0 R2
EEM 5.0

Internet Explorer 8,9,10,11 Firefox, Chrome
EEM 4.0 R2 CU4
EEM 5.0

User is able to log into the web page, however unable to open saved trends. 
ProxyION webreach will redirect user to login page.
Resetting a user's password will temporarily allow use of saved trends and Webreach however the next time the user logs in the issue reappears.
User can open trends when running web client from the server using local host or full address.
The Servers clock setting is out of sync with user's clock by more than the session timeout for EEM

When EEM provides a cookie to the client a time component that is based on the servers clock. The cookie received by the client is considered expired, the session has not expired but the authentication has.

Update the server's clock to match the user's clock.
A more reliable solution it to ensure the client and server are both time synced to a reliable source.

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