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Switch Connection to a BMENOC03x1 Control Ports

Published date: 27 August 2019

BMENOC03x1 Control Ports
Type of connection to a  BMENOC03x1 Control Ports
Product Line
M580 BMENOC03x1
Unity Pro
The BMENOC0301 Control Ports support the use of RSTP  (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). The RSTP protocol allows connecting the BMENOC0301 Control Ports in a physical ring architecture. This protocol shortens the time required to reconfigure an OSI Layer 2 switch network to locate a path/connection after an existing connection has failed. The OSI Layer 2 switch needs to also have its connection ports configured to support RSTP. The RSTP service on the BMENOC03x1 module can not be disabled.

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