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What are the recommendations for Magelis HMIGTO or HMIGTU in chemical environments?

Published date: 19 November 2019

What are the recommendations for Harmony HMIGTO or HMIGTU in chemical environments? Are conformal coatings and covers available?

Product Line

Physical HMI in chemical environments

For added resistance against chemicals, Magelis HMI with part numbers ending with "FC" (e.g. HMIGTO6310FC / HMIG3UFC / HMIDT642FC) are "Conformally coated", which means the internal electronics are coated.
Note that these devices are not covered by warranty when used in a chemically active environment, but provide an elevated level or protection in general.

Another mitigation recommendation would be to apply Environmental Covers that are installed over the Magelis screen that seals with a gasket that comes with the covers.
Available covers have the part numbers as follows:

For the HMIGTO:
HMIZECOV1 (for 3.5" screens)
HMIZECOV2 (for 5.7" screens)
HMIZECOV4 (for 7"/7.5" screens)
HMIZECOV5 (for 10.4" screens)
HMIZECOV6 (for 12.1" screens)

For the HMIGTU:
HMIZDCOV5 (for 10.4" screens)
HMIZDCOV6 (for 12.1" screens)
HMIZDCOV7 (for 15" screens)

Here is the installation instructions which includes a Chemical Resistance chart:
"HMIZDCOV. Plastic Covers for Harsh Environments, Instruction Sheet"

It is recommended that the cover is replaced every 6 or 12 months depending on the environment.
Also replace the gasket between the HMI bezel and HMI regularly.

The part numbers for replacement gaskets are:
HMIZD55 (for 10.4" screens)
HMIZD56 (for 12.1" screens)
HMIZD57 (for 15" screens)

HMIZD53W (for 7" wide screens)
HMIZD55W (for 10" wide screens)
HMIZD56W (for 12" wides
HMIZD57W (for 15" wide screens)
HMIZD59W (for 19" wide screens)

The gaskets in both the cover and for HMIs in general are made of nitrile butadiene. Please refer to a chemical resistance chart for the material to plan for a regular maintenance regime at your site accordingly.

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