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How does the Earth Fault protection work in Micrologic 6.0 when Neutral CT is not connected.

When the Neutral CT is not connected, the Earth Fault protection still operates in Micrologic 6.0 trip unit as it works on the principal of vectorial sum calculation of 3 phases. In case of Earth Fault, the internal current sensor which makes the vectorial sum, detects the Earth Current and gives a...

What is the difference between XBTZ925 cable and XBTZG925 cable.

Following are the difference between XBTZ925 cable and XBTZG925 cable: 1. XBTZ925A and XBTZ925B, in connection with TSX CUSB45 converter, is used for programming HMI terminals: XBT N/R. 2. XBTZG925 is programming cable for XBT GT11xx series HMI terminals only (Serial Tool port).

What is the noise level of TeSys D contactors and how to reduce the Noise during opening and closing of contactors.

Noise Level: The noise level of TeSys D range of contactor is less than or equal to 35dB. This is one of the control parameters during the testing of the TeSys D contactor. Method for reducing the Noise: The best method to reduce the noise during Opening/Closing of contactors is to mount the...

Delivery time of Large Order Quantity (LOQ) cannot be provided exactly when I check lead time, it will be confirmed only when order is placed. So is there any...

For the Large Order Quantity (LOQ), we encourage you to have the premeditation. If you would like to order a significant amount, we need more time to check with our factory then inform you the appropriate delivery time. In order to find out more information about the LOQ for each reference quickly,...

What is the use of parameters 'Maximeter' and 'Minimeter' for Compact NSX.

The 'Maximeter' and 'Minimeter' store the highest current value and the lowest current value during the operation of the product.

Which communication protocol is used between a Compact NSX and display FDM121.

The communication protocol used between the Compact NSX and FDM121 display is Universal Logic Plug (ULP). This a Schneider Electric internal protocol.

Video : How to troubleshoot check battery indication in BI850SINE ?

Please follow the steps suggested in the order provided. Step 1 : Check open circuit battery voltage (also called idle voltage) How do you do this ? Remove the connections of the battery to the inverter. Then Check the battery voltage using the multimeter. The voltage should be in the range of...