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Did you know?

• Every day there are about 8 million lightning strikes globally. 
• The tallest structure is the most likely point of contact in a lightning strike.
• Isolated structures on large expanses of flat land are likely to attract lightning strikes.
• While some structures are more likely to attract a strike, lightning is 100% unpredictable.
Think again. Even if you already have a lightning rod installed, it might not be enough. It can direct a strike around the exterior of a structure, but some overvoltage can still enter the building’s electrical circuitry and damage any electronics that are not protected by SPDs.

Lightning pathways

In a direct lightning strike on a building with no protection, a voltage spike can enter your home through the switchboard and destroy all your electronic equipment.

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An image of a house where direct lightning strikes on a building with no protection

Electrical Installation Wiki

With over 8 million lightning strikes occurring globally every day, it’s crucial to know how to protect your home with surge protection devices.
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Protect your electronic equipment from lightning related damage

You’ve invested a lot in the technology that makes your family’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Now you need to protect it from lightning strikes.
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