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Buildings of the Future begin here

The industry is evolving, but today’s global demands will push the transformation into overdrive. To survive and even thrive as a developer, owner, and operator, you will need to capture the power of the all-digital, all-electric world with a more sustainable, resilient, efficient, and people-centric building.

How will updates in smart building technology shape Buildings of the Future? Explore the latest report from Verdantix, independent research, and advisory firm, to find out.

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of global CO2 emission comes from buildings


natural and man-made disasters in the world in 2019


of the energy is wasted in buildings


of our time is spent indoors

Build it for zero carbon

Buildings consume about 30% of the world’s energy and account for almost 40% of annual CO2 emissions. To be sustainable, buildings — both new and existing — need to change. To limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, as specified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), every effort must be made to decarbonize buildings.

At Schneider Electric, we are deeply committed to this cause. IntenCity, our new net-zero energy Building of the Future in Grenoble, France, is not only a showcase for our commitment to sustainability but also an example of how we can help you tackle this complex but critical task.

Explore our guide for a comprehensive plan to delivering and operating net-zero buildings.

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Three steps to net-zero buildings

Actively manage energy

Access real-time integrated data from energy and sustainability departments in global platform.

See sustainability in action

United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics implemented EcoStruxureTM solutions to make their headquarters the largest commercial site net-zero energy building in the United States.


Aspiria, an innovative 200+ acre mixed-use campus featuring world-class workplaces and public spaces, utilizes our EcoStruxure solutions to meet their ambitious sustainability goals.


Citycon, the leading owner of city centers in the Nordics, used EcoStruxure solutions to implement the smartest and most eco-friendly city center on the market.


AECOM creates iconic buildings with the help of our EcoStruxure solutions for buildings of the future that are resilient, hyper-efficient, people-centric, and sustainable.

Building resiliency

As the number of natural and man-made disasters rises, building owners and operators must adapt continuously to new obstacles during times of crisis that often quickly change business priorities, threaten staffing levels, and lower operating budgets.

Buildings like Nemours Children’s Hospital utilize our EcoStruxure solutions to ensure they have dependable, resilient power management.

Discover the many benefits of digital power in our new white paper.

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Protect critical assets

Avoid operational losses and expensive maintenance by protecting your IT and operational equipment.

Benefit from a hyper-efficient building

Advances in technology and IoT-enabled devices empower building owners and operators to use big data and AI to greatly lower operating costs and improve productivity by addressing space management, operational efficiency, and the occupants’ experience.

Buildings like the Hilton Garden Inn Dubai utilize EcoStruxure solutions to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operations and guest comfort.

Create a better experience

Improve your occupants’ experience with a personalized, easy to navigate, app-based environment.

Efficiently manage assets

Identify equipment issues earlier and minimize disruptions with automated fault detection and diagnostics.

Tap into the grid

Combine energy procurement, efficiency and load balancing to turn your building’s energy into an asset.

Enhance well-being with a people-centric building

It is estimated that we spend close to 90% of our time indoors. The indoor environment has an enormous impact on our health and well-being. People-centric buildings adapt to and enhance a person’s time in the building, providing a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment to live, work, and play.

Buildings like JLL’s APAC headquarters in Singapore, create a welcoming and productive workspace with EcoStruxure solutions.

Looking to create healthier buildings? Explore our guide to learn how.

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Improve occupant comfort and experience

Offer tenants a vast set of services that enable them to create engaging, personalized environments for their occupants.

Create a healthier building

Enhance occupant well-being and increase productivity by monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, light, and VOC levels.

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