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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.
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Transform data into KPIs

Don’t let the volume of data you have overwhelm you and obscure the view of your long-term goals.

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Find value in energy data

Learn how to overcome market complexity and find the value in energy data to become more efficient and sustainable.

Your outsourced, unbiased data team

Invoice collection
Our utility bill management team processes more than 39 million utility bills on behalf of our customers. Our experts collect and add bill information into Resource Advisor, so all your enterprise data like energy, waste, and water consumption is captured.

Variance testing
Our proprietary algorithms and statistical tests identify billing errors or erroneous data. We flag opportunities for energy savings and ensure accurate data.

Invoice recalculation
Suppliers often make invoice errors, particularly on specially-negotiated and managed contracts. We calculate expected costs based on contract/tariff rates and negotiated positions and compare that against invoice costs to identify and resolve errors.

Payment support
Redirect your invoices from your service addresses to our experts to ensure a complete data set.

Open close services
We work directly with utilities to ensure service is activated or terminated when a change of tenancy occurs. We will establish a controlled process for notification and change management with your team; including processing required paperwork, managing deposits, and preparing activity reports.

Energy data connection services
Our experts assess your data requirements and make recommendations on a strategy to aggregate data direct from utilities, metering infrastructure, and existing software such as building and energy management systems.

Remote analytics and optimization 
The biggest energy management challenges revolve around data – there’s either too much, too little or it’s not stored in one place. Our team of remote experts collects and analyzes interval data from all your sites and put it to work to optimize performance and maximize savings.

Introducing our global data team

Our team describes how they manage data, invoices, and uncover energy savings tracked within our energy reporting software.

Eliminate sustainability and energy procurement data confusion

  • Develop a data collection strategy based on the current and future state of your business
  • Leverage existing data and hardware to access real-time data
  • Manage the complexity of broad data integration from many sources, locations, and stakeholders
  • Enable macro and micro analysis with accurate enterprise wide data

Turn energy data into action

Discover the 4 top tips that will help you extract value from emerging energy savings opportunities found inside your enterprise’s energy reporting data.
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Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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Buy energy smarter

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Use energy efficiently

Drive sustainable growth

Visualize data


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