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TradeOff Tools for data centers

Simple, interactive calculators backed by science that enable exploration of "what if" scenarios to achieve optimal data center and edge infrastructure designs.

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Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation solutions, including those for data centers. To help data center designers and operators make informed decisions about data center infrastructure design, we provide a variety of TradeOff Tools. These data center tools enable users to compare the tradeoffs between various data center metrics, such as data center power usage effectiveness (PUE), data center planning capacity, and data center energy efficiency.

One of our key TradeOff tools is data center capital cost calculator. This data center tool enables designers to evaluate the cost tradeoffs between different data center infrastructure design options, such as different cooling and power distribution systems. Another important data center tool is the data center planning capacity calculator. This tool helps planners estimate the amount of IT capacity that can be supported by a given infrastructure design.

We also offer a variety of data center tools focused on energy efficiency, including the data center energy efficiency calculator. This tool enables data center operators to compare the energy efficiency of different infrastructure designs, considering factors such as data center PUE and cooling efficiency.