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How to convert to Series 7 application into a Unity Pro project?

How to convert to Series 7 application into a Unity Pro project?
To convert to Series 7 application into a Unity Pro project, you need to be equipped with XTEL, PL7 Pro and Unity Pro.
The approach is as follows:
1) Under XTEL:
generate the source files of the program modules (MAST, SR) in Address mode (make Alt V on the keyboard)
2) Under PL7 Pro:
open files generated under XTEL via the menu File> Convert> PL7-3 Application.
Follow the conversion procedure explained in the online help.
If the " Convert " menu is not accessible, the PL7-3 converter must be installed.
Perform the complete installation of PL7 Pro and check the PL7-3 converter.
Import each file generated by the PL7-3 converter into a program section.
Once the application is fully converted, open the File> Export Application menu to create a. FEF source file.
4) Under Unity Pro:
Open the .FEF file via the File > Open menu and in the " Type File " window, select Project PL7 (*. FEF) and click on the file. FEF to convert.
Unity Pro automatically launches the PL7 application conversion and generates a conversion report.

These are the minimum and basic steps. Obviously, there are many things that have to be taken into account due to the differences between the three programming platforms, and also between the hardware. For that, you have to study the manuals of the two converters well.

On the one hand, you passed the manual of the PL7-3 Converter (which must be chosen to install during the complete installation of the PL7 Pro)

Application Converter PL7-3, 4.5
https://www.se.com/ww/en/download / document / 1590515K01001 /

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