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PowerLogic EGX400

Ethernet gateways

PowerLogic?? Ethernet Server

PowerLogic EGX400
  • Tính năng

    The EGX400 server is used as an Ethernet coupler for the PowerLogic System devices and for any other communicating devices operating under the Modbus RS 485 protocol.
    It contains HTML pages (set up using WPG) that can be accessed using a standard internet browser. The HTML pages are used to display the information provided by the devices connected to the server.

    The EGX400 server makes it possible to implement two types of user interface:
    • SMS power-monitoring software providing access to all status and measurement information. It also prepares summary reports
    • a standard internet browser providing access to the main information organised in predefined HTML pages. Characteristics
    • 10/100 base T
    • 2 RS485 serial ports
    • 2 wires and 4 wires compatibility
    • Setup via a web browser
    • DIN rail, Wall, Flat mounting options
    • Support port to port serial connection
    • Compliant to industrial environnement
    • Trilingual user interface and documentation (FR, EN, ES)
    • Power supply adaptator 100-240VAC / 24 VDC supplied
    • Web pages server
    • 16 Mbytes memory
    • Optic fiber connections

    Lợi ích

    Web-Enabled Ethernet Gateway Simplifies Power Utility Monitoring

    Increase the user's efficiency by allowing him to quickly make decisions based on data at his disposal:
    • thanks to simple, quick, shared and secured access to information on all the electrical network products via a standard Web browser
    • by federating all the building utilities:heating, ventilation, lighting, management of electrical distribution, safety, etc.
    • and acquire new remote services design, analysis, maintenance

    Các ứng dụng

    • RS 485 / Ethernet gateway
    • Web server with standard HTML pages
    • Web server with custom HTML pages

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