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Advanced Implementations

Generic systems that cover dedicated automation needs

Pre-defined architectures to meet automation needs

Advanced Implementations
  • Tính năng

    Since Advanced Implementations are customized architectures, the range of applications and solutions is virtually unlimited.

    Example 1 - A solution for OEMs without PLC based on ATV71

    • ATV71 Controller Inside
    • Up to 100 I/O
    • 7 ATV 31/71 variable speed drives
    • 5 Lexium 05 + BSH/BDH servo motors
    • Option: Ethernet connection to upper level
    • Text / Graphic HMI
    • Stand alone machine or networked
    • Cabling: CANopen & Modbus
    • Distributed in several cabinets
    • Easy engineering
    • Simple to maintain - no PLC required
    • Size
    • Small footprint products
    • Compact or large machine
    • Network length: at 250 kbits/s 250 m, at 500 kbits/s 100 m

    Example 2 - 3rd party integration

    • Modicon M340
    • Safety PLC XPSMS40
    • Up to 300 I/O
    • Up to 100 safety I/Ov
    • Up to 10 safety AI
    • 2 Inverters
    • Text / Graphic HMI
    • Modbus/Ethernet/CANopen
    • Software: XPSMFWIN & Unity & Advantys Config Tool
    • Distributed in several cabinets
    • EN/IEC 61508 SIL class 3
    • EN 954-1 cat. 4
    • Easy engineering

    Lợi ích

    Schneider Electric has developed a global approach to automation, based on generic architectures which have been tested, validated and documented. They are the basis to built your solution.
    Each of these Advanced Implementations serves specific types of machines and installations, in Industry, Infrastructure and Building markets.

    Các ứng dụng

    • Compact Machines & Installations
    • Distributed Machines & Installations.


    • Ex. 1 - Solution for OEMs
    • Ex. 2 - 3rd party integration