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Multi 9 C60 UL489 MCB

Carry UL 489 rating for branch circuit protection in amperage under 10A and is UL 489, IEC 947-2, and CE marked.

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Multi 9 C60 UL489 MCB
  • Tính năng

    This is a UL 489 version of the popular Schneider Electric Multi 9™ C60 family of DIN mountable circuit protection devices. (UL 489 devices provide branch circuit protection, while UL 1077 supplementary protectors do not.) Designed to meet global applications and code requirements, the UL Listed Multi 9 breakers are the first product to carry UL 489, IEC 947-2, and CSA C22.2 ratings as well as the CE mark. The Multi 9 breaker family features an extensive array of accessories.
    • 1-2-3 pole configurations
    • Seventeen UL 489 ratings from 0.5A to 35A
    • Two trip curves available: C curve ( 7 to 10 times handle rating); D curve (10 to 14 times handle rating)
    • Small size: less than 3 /4" wide per pole
    • Interrupting ratings 10K AIR standard
    • System voltages include 120/240Vac and 240Vac; also DC ratings of 60 Vdc (1P) and 125 Vdc (2P)
    • Ring terminals available (with finger-safe option)
    • Padlock attachments for locking in the "OFF" position only
    • Common tripping of all poles
    • Variety of accessories including shunt trip, auxiliary switch, and under-voltage release. Same accessories can be used on both UL 1077 and UL 489 devices
    • Mounting base for from 12 to 60 poles

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