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Easy Custom Rack PDUs

Unique colors, input cord plugs and outlet configurations done simply and delivered to specification.

Một phần của Easy Series

APC’s dedicated engineering and manufacturing crew is hard at work delivering customized or completely new rack PDUs allowing data centers to streamline customization and avoid costly, unsafe field modifications.

APC Brand Hình ảnh sản phẩm Schneider Electric
Easy Custom Rack PDUs
  • Tính năng

    Custom Easy Rack PDU designs to suit unique project and end-user requirements

    Lợi ích

    Length Pre-configuration of Input CordLengthen or shorten the length of power cord. It is flexible for the customers choosing the right power cord length according to the actual situation of the data center site.Color Coding Rack PDUsIncluding housing color change or the outlets surrounding color change. Color coding is proven to provide many benefits most importantly reducing human error, the major culprit of downtime.Outlet layout and amountNew flexible Rack PDU architecture provides the ability to adjust the layout and the amount of the outlets according to the installation position and amount of the equipment planned.Lockable outletsCustom Easy Rack PDU provides the ability to choose the lockable C13/C19 outlets. It can prevent the power line from loosening accidentally, which leads to power failure of the equipment.Specific labels/silkscreenCustom Easy PDU provides the ability to specify the labels/silkscreen according to customer needs.