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Harmony XB5R

Ø 22 mm wireless and batteryless pushbuttons

Một phần của Harmony

Installation made easy with wireless pushbuttons – Harmony XB5R - the art of simplicity

Harmony XB5R
  • Tính năng

    Harmony XB5R simplifies the wiring of your machine due to wireless technology

    • Reduce costs and time during installation
    • No set-up needed thanks to the ready-to-use Plug & Play package
    • Freedom to move around the machine
    • Ideal solution when you need to change the command location

    Maintenance-free and permanently available

    • No battery to replace
    • No battery to recycle 
    • Energy efficient

    Safe and robust, designed for the industrial environment

    • No cable to potentially damage
    • No screw terminal issue due to vibration 
    • Less dust penetration - no cable entry in the transmitter enclosure
    • ø 22 mm operating head available in plastic (ZB5) and metal (ZB4) and ø 40mm impulsion mushroom black head allowing operation with gloves.
    • For automatic doors, the rope pull switch command can be set anywhere
    • Suitable for the most demanding environments, depending on the model, up to IP 66, for external use from -25 to 70°C

    Control, even over long distances

    • 25m with the receiver installed in a metal electrical cabinet
    • Boosted to 40m with use of external relay antenna with the receiver installed in a metal electrical cabinet
    • 300m in free space.

    Lợi ích

    No wire and no battery: a simple and new way to install and use pushbuttons.

    • Easy and fast installation
    • Maintenance-free
    • Robust design for industrial environments
    • Eco-friendly green technology

    All with the same high-quality offered by the rest of the Harmony pushbutton ranges.

    Các ứng dụng

    Long machines for the industry

    • Conveying systems (automotive, MMM, logistic centers)
    • Bottle filling, palletizer (food and beverage)

    Building utilities

    • Lighting
    • Door opening


    • Wireless receiver

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