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Acti 9 STI

Fuse-carrier disconnector

Một phần của 9 Series

Acti 9 STI is a range of fuse-carriers disconnectors for applications requiring high breaking capacity

Acti 9 STI
  • Tính năng

    Acti9 STI isolatable fuse-carriers provide overload and short-circuit protection.

    They are used for industrial applications requiring a high breaking capacity.
    They perform the disconnector function and must not be used as switches (Utilization category: AC-20).
    They can be equipped with an indicator light indicating blowing of the fuse cartridge.
    They meet IEC/EN 60947-3 standard requirements.
    Disconnection of all poles is guaranteed for the 2P, 3P, and 3P+N versions during factory assembly.
    Fuse cartridges:

    STI can use both gG and aM fuse cartridges without striker
    gG fuses: used to provide both overload and short-circuit protection
    aM fuses: used to provide only short-circuit protection of loads with high peak current such as motors, transformers primaries, etc.)
    Available in both 8.5 x 31.5 mm and 10.3 x 38 mm diameters
    Fuse cartridges meet IEC/EN 60269-1/2 (NFC 60-200).

    Comb busbar:

    used to quickly bridge several STI of the same kind.
    Busbar connectors:

    Used to supply the busbar
    For 25 mm2 cable
    230 V neon indicator light

    Indicates fuse blowing (off in normal operation and lit red after fuse blowing).
    400 V maxi.
    Padlocking device

     Locks the toggle in the "open" or "closed" position. Used with an 8 mm max. diameter padlock (not supplied).
    Clip-on markers (C60 type): used to identify:

    either on the front face of the device or on the downstream terminals.


    Lợi ích


    captive fuse cartridge compartment makes it impossible to lose fuse cartridge
    additional compartment for replacement fuse cartridge