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Easy Harmony XA2

Easy Harmony XA2E - Ø 22 mm, plastic push-buttons, switches with metallic-look ring and pilot lights

The cost effective, reliable and ergonomic solution for your control and signalling applications.

<B>Easy </B>Harmony XA2
  • Tính năng

    Easy Harmony XA2E , Ø 22 mm plastic push buttons, switches and pilot lights are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.
    When just enough is just right!
    Fit for purpose products

    Focus on key functions:
    Contact functions: pushbuttons with spring return and push-push; selector switches and key switches, 2 or 3 positions ; emergency switching off pushbuttons with push-pull and turn to release
    Contact and signaling functions: illuminated pushbuttons with spring return
    Signaling functions: pilot lights with integral LED
    Groomed ergonomics: modern design with metallic-look ring; ergonomic curve on the selector switches allows flexible operation

    Mounting by a single nut to the control panel,
    Anti-rotation plate prevents the head from rotation
    Anti-loosening system for screw clamp terminals of contact blocks.

    Conforming to most demanding international standards and approvals
    Tested and certified performance
    Excellent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration
    Supports extended temperature range from −40°C to +70°C

    Supported by the service of Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader in automation and control
    Wide availability throughout an extensive distribution network

    Lợi ích

    Introducing the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader in automation.
    Easy Harmony XA2E, Ø 22 mm plastic push buttons, switches and pilot lights are entry-level products that are perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of emerging markets. In other words, they answer to the following challenges: fit for purpose at affordable price with no compromise on easiness, robustness, availability and services.

    Các ứng dụng


    Standard OEM and Panel Builder applications
    Applications: lift and elevator, textile machine, hoisting...
    Service sector and infrastructure:

    energy distribution panel builders...


    • Harmony Easy XA2E Key selector switch
    • Harmony Easy XA2E mushroom
    • Harmony Easy XA2E Emergency switching off
    • Harmony Easy XA2E Emergency switching off

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