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Enerlin’X I/O

Input/Output Application Module for One Circuit Breaker for cradle management, circuit breaker control and more

Một phần của EcoStruxure

Enerlin’X I/O for LV circuit breakers is part of the ULP system with built-in functionalities. It can be used for various predefined and user defined applications with Masterpact, PowerPact, and Compact circuit breakers.

Enerlin'X Input/Output (I/O) application module
  • Tính năng

    The I/O (Input/Output) application module for Masterpact, PowerPact and Compact is part of an ULP system with built-in functionalities to enhance the application needs. Up to two I/O application modules can be connected in the same ULP network.
    The Enerlin’X I/O application module provides:
    •      6 digital inputs that are self-powered for either normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) dry contact or pulse counter
    •      3 digital outputs that are bistable relays (5 A maximum)
    •      1 analog input for Pt100 temperature sensor
    •      Rotary switch enables the selection of the pre-defined and customizable application with 9 positions
    •      Manual switch to unlock for the settings and modifications with Ecoreach
    •      QR code for quick access to product documents and details

    For more information, download the Enerlin'X Communication system for Smart Panels Catalog

    Lợi ích

    Save time with pre-defined settings to cover your standard applications
    ·         Cradle management
    ·         Circuit breaker operation
    ·         Energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS)
    ·         Light and load control

    Customizable to meet your specific application requirements
    ·         Thanks to Ecoreach you can customize accordingly
    ·         Everything from setting pre-alarms to maintenance indictors and more
    Simple and efficient installation
    ·         Plug and play thanks to the ULP 
    Smart panels digitize by Enerlin’X making them EcoStruxure connected products within our EcoStruxure Power architecture.

    Các ứng dụng

    General applications in all types of low voltage electrical installations in standard applications and specific applications demanding high performance, including:
    •          Industry: mining operations, minerals, metals, and cement production, water & wastewater industry, automotive, food and beverage, etc.
    •          Oil & Gas extraction and processing, Chemicals industries
    •          Data centers infrastructure
    •          Healthcare infrastructure, hospitals
    •          Marine and offshore industry
    •          Nuclear power plant
    •          Infrastructures: airports, railways, subways, tunnels, etc.
    •          Buildings: commercial buildings, hotels, offices
    •          Wind turbines, solar, GenSets
    Special applications:
    •          Photovoltaic and DC networks
    •          Earthing switch
    •          Corrosive industrial environments
    •          Mining industry
    •          Navy
    •          Source-changeover systems (Transferpact): service sector (hospital operating rooms, computer rooms, etc.), industry (assembly lines, ship engine rooms, etc.), infrastructures (runway, railway, etc.)


    • Enerlin'X Input/Output (I/O) application module
    • Smart Panels digitized by Enerlin'x