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Harmony ST6

Màn hình HMI cơ bản với chi phí phù hợp, màn hình độ phân giải cao 4 "W đến 15,6" W (tên gọi cũ của sản phẩm là Magelis ST6)

Một phần của Harmony

Màn hình HMI mang lại trải nghiệm người dùng trực quan bằng cách sử dụng các cải tiến phần mềm và hình ảnh mới nhất từ Chuyên gia thiết bị đầu cuối của Nhà điều hành EcoStruxure. Harmony STW6 đi cùng HMI Web Cơ bản giúp màn hình có thể sử dụng các Trình duyệt HTML5.

Harmony ST6
  • Tính năng

    Ranging from 4" to 15", the Harmony ST6 & Harmony STW6 is quick and easy to install, with secure dual IP connections for effective integration into the overall operating system, enabling operators to be more efficient, sooner.

    More efficient

    • The high resolution screen is powered by EcoStruxure Operator terminal Expert software, with multi-screen and Layout Objects (Dock Panel) functions to combine more information in one page for easy operation
    • Tool free fastener for fast and easy mounting
    • Low maintenance thanks to the 1,000,000 times resistive touch panel, 50,000+ hours LED backlight, replaceable RTC battery designed for 5+ years long term use

    More flexible

    • Batch conversion of themes and color setting functions make customization easy
    • Support for situational awareness using Theme and Color set function
    • QR code on the product label with link to the online user manual, helps easy maintenance in the field
    • Able to access all HTML5 Servers with Basic Web HMI, Harmony STW6 version

    More connected

    • Basic HMI, Harmony ST6 provides best in class user interface for multi-device connection: 2 x Ethernet ports with Dual IP, 2 x COM (except 4” model) / USB host and device
    • Basic Web HMI, Harmony STW6 provides 2 x Ethernet ports with one IP address for daisy chain connection (except 4'' model)

    Safer and more secure

    • The falling preventive hook makes mounting safe and easy
    • Enhanced cybersecurity from application to firmware level
    • Meets environmental regulations (European and Chinese ROHS, REACH, WEEE)

    Lợi ích

    • Meets the needs of simple machines with good visualization, connectivity and cybersecurity for cost effective equipment
    • Fewer programming steps and fast customization with unique software and easy mounting to reduce development and installation costs
    • Consolidate multiple screens to show rich information on a single display to improve productivity

    Các ứng dụng

    OEMs building simple machine applications for:

    • Food & Beverage
    • Packaging
    • Textile
    • Compressor / Pump / Fan
    • HVAC equipment
    • And End Users looking for Maintenance of their Web devices.

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