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TeSys LR9

Electronic thermal overload relays with build-in alarm function from 18,5 kW to 315 kW

Một phần của TeSys

TeSys LR9 is a complete range of electronic thermal overload relays from 0.1 to 360 A . Designed for TeSys D and F contactors ranges, they can be mounted directly under the contactors for advanced motor protection.

TeSys LR9
  • Tính năng

    • 8 ratings
    2 versions:
    • Simplified version: class 10, class 20
    • Complete version: can be selected as class 10 or 20, with an alarm function enabling tripping to be anticipated by shedding the load
    • Settings locked by sealing the transparent flap
    • Connectors: screw clamp

    Lợi ích

    Electronics harnessed for motor starters

    These ingenious electronic relays have a built-in alarm function, a wide adjustment range and a high level of accuracy suitable for the most demanding applications. They can be mounted directly below the LC1-D115/150 and LC1-E contactors to form extremely compact motor starters.

    Các ứng dụng

    • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc :
    - Standard motor protection
    - Line protection
    - Protection: motor overload, stalling, loss of phase


    • Electronic thermal overload protection TeSys LR9D 0.1... 32 Amps
    • Electronic thermal overload protection TeSys LR9D with contactor TeSys LC1D 3P