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Compact, versatile meters for feeders or critical loads

Ngừng bán

96x96mm PowerLogic power-monitoring units for HV and LV networks

  • Tính năng

    The PowerLogic Power Meter Series 700 offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 96 x 96 mm unit extending only 50 mm behind the mounting surface. With its large display, you can monitor all three phases and neutral at the same time. The anti-glare display features large 11 mm high characters and powerful backlighting for easy reading even in extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles.

      The Power Meter Series 700 is available in three versions:
      • PM700, basic version with THD and min/max readings
      • PM700P, basic version plus two pulse outputs for energy metering
      • PM710, basic version plus an RS 485 port for Modbus communication.

      • Requires only 50 mm behind mounting surface
      • Large back lit display with integrated bar charts
      • Intuitive use
      • Power and current demand, THD and min/max reading in basic version
      • Energy class 1 as defined by IEC 61036

      Lợi ích

      The PowerLogic PowerMeter PM700 helps you:

      • reduce energy costs
      • improve power quality
      • improve continuity of service for optimal management of your electrical installation and better productivity.

      Các ứng dụng

      • Panel instrumentation.
      • Sub-billing and cost allocation.
      • Remote monitoring of an electrical installation.
      • Harmonic monitoring (THD).

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