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    EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

    Schneider Electric helps hospitals thrive at every level – from the emergency room to the executive suite – with its IoT-enabled EcoStruxure for Healthcare architecture.

  • Front desk at the Grand Medica hospital

    Creating a Connected Hospital

    Discover how Grand Medica’s connected hospital gains efficiencies from EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare.

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    Healthcare Solutions

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    • Surgeon and nurses performing surgery, healthcare solutions. Power Management

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    Address Your Challenges

    • EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

      Designed to deliver improved safety, patients’ satisfaction, and operational efficiency, EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare is the IoT solution architecture for digital hospitals.

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    EcoStruxure Success Stories

    • Grand Medica

      Learn how Grand Medica’s connected hospital gains efficiencies from EcoStruxure for Healthcare.

      Read the story
      Front desk at the Grand Medica hospital
    • Moorfields Eye Hospital

      Improving facility visibility with EcoStruxure for Healthcare.

      Learn more
    • Nemours Children's Hospital

      Ensuring power reliability in a life-saving environment with EcoStruxure Power.

    • University of Rochester Medical Center

      Improving electrical infrastructure health with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.

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      How IoT Delivers Better Patient Care and Optimizes Healthcare Facility Operation

      Explore the trends, best practices, benefits, and case studies of healthcare IoT adoption. Download now
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        Blogs Browse through our blogs to learn about the newest trends and challenges, best practices, and solutions for digital hospitals. Read now
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        White papers Find expert advice on your healthcare challenges in our dedicated Healthcare white paper library. Learn more
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        Videos Check out our YouTube video playlist to see our solutions in action, access training, and hear customer testimonials. Watch videos

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