ION7400 v2.2.1 Firmware and Associated Files

This ZIP file contains the files to upgrade the PowerLogic™ ION7400 series meter to firmware v2.2.1 (V002.002.001), Meter Template, Modbus Map document, SNMP MIB, Webpages, What’s new document and other associated files. See the Upgrading Meter Firmware to v2.2.1 document for important information on performing this upgrade. Verify the checksum of the file to help ensure it was not corrupted during download using the SHA-256 File Signature for the file: 24d17cab3359d03cddc4ff3fdb0ee84b9a85022dfb24cb1ba9e30ecc6e4e5956. NOTE: To apply this firmware, the meter must have firmware v2.1.0. Go to and search for Upgrade devices to firmware v 2.1.0 and follow instructions on how to get and apply firmware v2.1.0.







ION7400_V002.002.001 (.zip) 16.7 mb
TechnicalNote_UpgradeMeterFirmwarev2.2.1pdf (.pdf) 942.2 kb
TechnicalNote_UpgradePM89RD96displayFirmwarev4.0.15 (.pdf) 161.9 kb

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