PM710 V3.150 Firmware

The PM710 Public Firmware Revision History pdf file shows a summary of changes incorporated in each production firmware releases for the PM710 series power meter.This is the latest revision of the firmware for the PM710 power meter. Please update your PM710 power meter to have full compatibility with all available features. 1. Using DLF 3000 Version 3.3, download,•PM700_OS3150_RS2010.fw, if the device includes RS version* 2.010•PM700_OS3150_RS2000.fw, if the device includes RS version* 2.0002. After the download is complete, you will see the meter resetting.3. You can verify the new firmware version selecting MAINT -> INFO from the main menu.* To know the RS version of your PM710, go to MAINT INFO

This document is current but may reference obsolete products.







PM710_V3.150_Firmware (.zip) 64.9 kb

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