PM8000_MID_ V002.001.000 (v 2.1.0) Firmware and Associated Files (Meter Template, Modbus Map document, SNMP MIB, Web pages)

Firmware version 2.1.0 for the PowerLogic™ PM8000 MID series meter adds enhanced firmware upgrade support, PTP, Secure HTTPS webserver, ION Module updates, updated support for the latest versions of EN50160, IEEE 519 and IEC 61000-4-30 power quality standards, pre- and post-event data capture for data and waveform recorders, and 0-20 mA support for the Analog I/O option module.To upgrade your meter to firmware version 2.1.0, you must use ION Setup version 3.1 or later. Please refer to the “Upgrading devices to firmware v2.1.0” technical note at for instructions on upgrading your meter firmware to version 2.1.0.SHA256 File signatures:c683f844c0225102d71b527c257ed5fee62603502bf150499ea65b9d139a1c95 *







7EN72-0203-00_Upgrading_devices_to_FW_v2.1.0 (.pdf) 270.9 kb
PM8000_MID_V002.001.000 (.zip) 16.7 mb

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