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What does the S316 suffix mean, on the ATS48 soft starter?

Published date: 11 May 2020

What is ATS48**S316?

Product Line:

This is a special version of the ATS48 designed to take advantage of a situation where a customer has a 6 or 12 lead delta wound motor (common in the hydraulic elevator market).  This soft start is uniquely wired into the windings of the motor (hence the need for 6 or 12 motor leads), in order to multiply the HP capability of the soft start. This is sometimes called inside Delta wiring.

The control card VX4G481 is common for all the soft starter including S316. The specification S316 is on the power board. To place an order for the power board, add S316 suffix. For example: VX5G48C32YS316.

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