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What could cause the Remote MBX Driver to report Error Code 5 and not communicate with Windows XP?

Published date: 28 September 2018

The Remote MBX Driver uses the Microsoft's Name Service for locating remote servers. The underlining communication mechanism is RPC (remote procedure call) with Named Pipes as the protocol. At the time when the rMBX was developed (around 1994), this was the Microsoft recommended way of establishing high performance communications between remote computers. Unfortunately, over the last few years, Microsoft moved away from this recommendation and practically stopped actively supporting these types of implementations. Their recent efforts to plug the security holes made the situation even worse. Without any troubleshooting tools available from Microsoft, in some cases, we find it extremely difficult to resolve customers problems with establishing remote server connections.

Realizing that Microsoft is abandoning the Named Pipes protocol and the Name Service, Cyberlogic decided to redesign the Remote MBX Driver and base it on the TCP/IP protocol, which is the current recommendation for remote communications by Microsoft. The Remote MBX Driver version 6.00 release or greater is needed to avoid these types of problems.

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