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ATS48: Why do I only have the SUP menu on the display ?

Published date: 10 July 2019

 ATS48: Can't access any other menus, only SUP

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There is a DIP switch on the back of the remote mount keypad (VW3A48101) that can be used to prevent access to some or all programming parameters.

In the Locked position (to the left when looking at the back of the keypad), only the SUP menu is available.
In the Parial Locked Position (in the middle) the SEt, PrO and SUP menus are available.
In the Unlocked position (switch to the right) all menus and parameters are available.
Simply removing the remote keypad will not change the locked status.  The softstart will remember the location of the switch and retain that status until it sees the switch position change.
See attachment for details.

It is also possible, although less common to have the keypad locked through an access code.
If you know the 3 digit code, you can navigate to the SUP menu and the COd parameter and enter the code.  This will temporarily unlock the softstart programming until control power is removed. 
To unlock permanently, after enterning the 3 digit code, change the COd to OFF.

If the passcode is lost, you can use the master passcode to unlock the unit by entering 999.

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