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What are the differences between HMIGTW7353 and HMIGTW7354?

Published date: 01 November 2019

Differences between HMIGTW7353 and HMIGTW7354

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer, HMIGTW

Below are the differences between the GTW7353 and GTW7354 Magelis targets:
HMIGTW7354 - Open Panel 15" GTW DC
- Atom 1.10 GHz processor <---------
- 2GB Compact Flash card <---------
- Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 <---------

HMI GTW7353 - 15" LCD TFT
- Intel Celeron M 1GHz processor<----------
- 4GB Compact Flash card <----------
- Windows® XP Embedded <---------

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