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'ProWORX 32' and VPN connections

Published date: 31 October 2018

Goals and Symptoms

'ProWORX 32' and VPN connections

Facts and Changes

'ProWORX 32'....all versions

Causes and Fixes

'ProWORX 32' has never been qualified to work with a VPN but, if the external network components
are configured correctly, it will work.

Depending on the security and firewall settings that are configured for the PC, networking hardware
and ISP, the customer will be able to establish a connection to the PLC. (e.g., 'ProWORX 32' has
been used with the internal 'Schneider Automation' VPN and it works fine. Attempts to use it with the
'Square D' VPN have failed ( Investigation by Scheneider Electirc's IT group found that login/logut
commands that 'ProWORX 32' uses to connect to a PLC were being blocked by a third party ISP).
Several other users have reported that the 'ProWORX 32' could only read data from the PLC when
using a VPN.) Even if the connection is established, it's security and maintenance cannot be
guaranteed. The connection to the PLC will be at the mercy of the ISP and whatever security settings
that are configured on the PC's firewall, anti-spyware or antivirus software and/or network hardware.

Due to the numerous variations of network hardware and configuration settings that can exist, we
cannot provide a defined configuation that will be successful with the customer's installed network
hardare or software components. Users need to consult with their corporate IT departments and
ISP vendor to configure the VPN settings.

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