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Warranty for Powerlogic and ION Products and Services

Published date: 07 February 2020

What is the standard warranty period for Powerlogic and ION Products and Services?

Product Line
All Powerlogic meters 
All ION meters except ION8650

ION 9000, ION8800, ION8600, ION8500, ION8400, ION8300
ION7650, ION7600, ION7550, ION7500, ION7300, ION7400
PM8000, PM5000, PM3000, PM800, PM700, PM600
EM4800, EM4000, iEM3000, iEM2000
EM3000, CM4000, CM3000
Energy meter, Enercept meter

Product and Service Warranty

Powerlogic and ION devices are covered under a standard 18 months hardware warranty except for the ION 7400, ION 9000, PM5000 and PM8000 series meter which are covered under a standard warranty of 60 months.
Powerlogic and ION services are covered under a one year warranty unless otherwise stated.

Please see the attached documents/links for more information about the Standard warranty as well as the optional Extended Warranty available at time of purchase.

**Excludes the ION 8650 meter see: FA279852

Link: Power Monitoring & Control Products Warranty


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