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"'Check 64 Bit SQL Server" Error When Installing SPM7.0.X and PME7.X

Published date: 28 September 2018

While Installing SPM7.0.X and PME7.X the "Check 64 bit SQL Server" section of the installer fails.

Product Line
SPM7.0.X and PME7.X

Software Installation

SPM 7.0.X and PME7.X does not support the use of 32 bit versions of SQL Server 2008 on 64 bit Operating Systems. It is possible to install the 32 bit version of SQL Server 2008 on 64 bit OS/hardware. However if this is done, the Installer will not detect it as a valid SQL Server instance and you will see a screen something like this during the Check System portion of the Install:


 To correct this, you will need to install the 64 bit version of SQL Server 2008. Note that SPM 7.0 does support the use of 32 bit SQL Server 2008 on 32 bit Operating Systems.

Additional Information

  1. It is possible to force the SPM 7.0 installer to allow a 32 bit version of SQL Server by manually editing broker.xml, but this configuration was not tested and is not supported. If there is some reason that this configuration is necessary, technical support, but be aware that if the software does not function as expected it will be up to the user to move to the officially supported configuration, that is, 64 bit operating systems require the 64 bit version of SQL Server 2008.
  2. Another reason that this problem could occur is if the selected SQL instance is using SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition. This is not a supported edition of SQL Server for production environments.


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